• 5 Centers

    You Have 5 Centers - One In Each Of Your 5 Bodies: Physical, Intellectual, Energetic, Emotional, Archetypal


    Your Physical Body has a Physical Center of Gravity located approximately 3 fingers below your belly button. This is where you would naturally balance if someone held you up by your hip bones. Your Physical Center is located halfway back in your abdomen, behind where your belt-buckle would be, and it does not move around. Athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and martial artists come to experience the importance of putting their Energetic Center on their Physical Penter to Become Centered. But as soon as you ask one of them on a date or if they talk to their mother, they probably give their Energetic Center of Being away instantly away and become childish, emotional, numb, adaptive, or wiggly.


    Since childhood and school you have been hammered into Verbal Reality, where words prevail. This means that once you find a word for something you know its category. Then your experience of the thing disappears and all you have is the concept of the thing. School empowers your Intellectual Body horrendously at the expense of perceiving through and training your other 4 bodies. Without being aware that your friends and colleagues are afflicted with the same distortion you adopt 'knowing' as your highest value, and live in an intellectual desert with at best, Intellectual Intimacy.


    Because of school's focus on remembering facts, understanding information, and the logical thinking of Verbal Reality, the intelligence of your Emotional Center has been relegated either to childhood or to dangerous insanity. Recent research has shown that the heart is made up of nearly half brain-like nerve cells. When you memorize things by heart, you know that your heart is your second brain and that your heart can think and speak in addition to experiencing and expressing valuable feelings. Your Emotional Center has both feelings and emotions and is an immense source of energy and information for living your life and delivering your Archetypal Lineage.


    Your Energetic Center is mobile. It can mover around. It either moves around consciously, or unconsciously. That would be up to you. If you give your Energetic Center to another person then you give away your authority, your ability to make decisions, to create, to take action, to ask dangerous questions, to hold and navigate space, to be present as yourself, and so on. This is a lot to give away. Why would you do it? To be safe. Why do you think you are safe if you give your center away? Because you think that if you are not dangerous, someone else will take care of you. Is this true? I don't think so. No one can take your Energetic Center away. If someone else has your center, if you are being adaptive and small, you gave your Energetic Center away. You can give your Energetic Center away to anything. I have seen people give their Energetic Center to the Television, to their children, even to their dog. The real question here is: can you keep your Energetic Center and not give it away to anything? We will see...


    Your Archetypal Center is the Energetic Center of your Archetypal Body. It activates when your your other four bodies come online in your awareness and when you develop more sensitive navigation skills. Your Archetypal Center is in your Archetypal Lineage, but it is also in your 4 bodies when you are in service to your Archetypal Lineage, and also in the space that you are working in when serving your Archetypal Lineage, and also in the work you are doing. Before you have jacked-in to your Archetypal Lineage it is not much worth trying to figure all this out. After you jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage you figure it out all by yourself.

  • (SPARK013) SPARK 13 - You can responsibly choose, declare, and ask best when you are centered.

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  • Doorway to Become Unhookable

  • Procedure for Becoming Centered

    You can do this.



    Use your attention to find out where your Energetic Center is. How do you do this? You look for what you have been doing with it. What you have been doing may be habitually giving your Energetic Center away to external authority figures. Then you can avoid being seen as a threat. You delude yourself into thinking you can avoid being responsible. Wake up. You live in a responsible universe. Responsibiilty cannot be avoided. What are you doing with your Energetic Center? Find it. Put your attention on it. Keep your attention on your Energetic Center. Go to Step 2.



    Use your intention to move your Energetic Center on your Physical Center. When you do that, you can have the experience of being centered.



    Keep a part (1-10%) of your attention to keep your Energetic Center on your Physical Center. And move from your Energetic Center.


    Grounding Cord

    When you are centered, declare energetically your grounding cord that is a 10cm diameter cord linking your Energetic Center to the Center of Gaia. You are then grounded.


    Bubble of Personal Space

    When you are centered and you declared your grounding cord, declare your personal bubble of space. This is your space, no one can enter it without your permission. You are then bubbled.


    Sword Out

    To keep your center, grounding cord and bubble, you need your Sword of Clarity out all the time - day or night, work or at home, with your loved one and your enemies.